What You Need To Know About Setting 2018 Goals That Really Matter

In a few days , 2017 will come to an end. There’s a lot of excitement in the air about the new year because it is a fresh opportunity to achieve your goals. I’m guessing you have set the goals that you want to achieve in 2018. But Do you know that it’s not enough […]

14 Questions To Ask After Setting Your Goals

At the beginning of the year, you made plans and set goals for yourself expecting things to automatically change. Excited, you started working towards achieving those goals but alas by March, you abandoned them and you are now back at where you were at the beginning of the year. Setting Goals Is Not Enough You […]

Strategies For Dealing With Co-Workers You Don’t Like

We all have those colleagues we don’t like, who just irritate us. I mean must we like everyone we work with? Sure work would be a whole lot easier if we liked everyone or would it? Well it wouldn’t because in life and work specifically, we need people who will not be afraid to oppose […]

The 1 Trait All Successful People Have In Common

What do Oprah, Dangote, Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg in common? I’m sure you guessed correctly. Yep, they are all successful, and they got that way by pursuing their dreams. You have dreams and goals that you desire to achieve but you are afraid of telling people about it. You also are not taking any […]

Welcome to September

Welcome To The Month Of September You may have experienced setbacks that almost crushed you. You may be feeling confused and upset about events in your life, business or country You worry about your future. When will success come, you say? I believe you’ll make significant progress this month. Just don’t stop. Don’t taking steps […]

12 Things To Remember When Life Feels Overwhelming

We all go through periods when we feel overwhelmed and no one is exempted from these seasons. I recently went through one of such periods and thinking about the following helped me to stay focused. So for those days when you feel overwhelmed, remember; You have experienced times like this, maybe even worse than what […]

Don’t Give Up

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded” 2 Chronicles 15:7 Think about successful people in your environment. What if they never pursued their dreams? What if they gave in to sneers, obstacles or what people thought about their professions? What if they gave in to […]

Your Words Matter More Than You Think

Proverbs 18:21 – Words kill, words give life; they are either poison or fruit – You choose Your words are very powerful. They affect you and other people. What you say affects your mood, health and perception of events. They affect the way you respond to situations and people. What do you talk about most […]

1 Choice Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Have you ever thought about the effect your actions today will have 5, 10 or even 15 years from now? The choices you make today largely determines your quality of life tomorrow.  One of such choices is to not overwork yourself. The cost of overworking yourself outweighs the benefits. It negatively affects your relationships, health, […]

The Cost of Overworking Yourself

Sleep is important to your well-being. One major reason why a lot of people deprive themselves of sleep is because they overwork themselves. The cost of overworking yourself outweighs the benefits. It negatively affects your relationships, health, career/business and faith walk. For example, there is the tendency to skip meals or not eat at all […]

The World Is Waiting For You

 I remember those times when being a musician, comedian, make-up artist, photographer, actor or footballer wasn’t considered a worthwhile occupation. It was looked down on so if you wanted to be any of the above you had to brave people‘s sneers or overlook discouraging comments. Now a lot of people don’t discourage their kids from […]

Mid- Week Inspiration

Here are two quotes from marc and angel to inspire you today. I hope these quotes inspire you as much as they inspired me The secret to being grateful is no secret.  You choose to be grateful.  Then you do it again and again.  Every day.  When you forget, begin again. If you worry too […]

Remember This When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart

If you are going through a challenging period, let this unknown quote give you the inspiration you need to not give up but remain positive about life. Even when things seem difficult, keep giving your best, be grateful and have faith that things will turn out for your good. What’s happening may not make sense […]

One Practical Way To Stop Procrastinating

I have been delaying writing for some days now because i did not know what to write about. By Sunday evening (after three days of not writing), It occurred to me that i was just procrastinating and being mentally lazy. So I immediately brought out my notepad and pen from my bag and started writing […]

How to Handle Bad Days

Have you ever had one of those days where you think, things can’t get any worse than this and then something worse happens? We’ve all had those days. One life lesson I’ve learnt is that bad days are just what they are, bad days and nothing more. It doesn’t mean I’m a failure, inadequate or […]

12 Reasons Laughter Is Good for Your Business or Career

Are you looking for a way to grow your business or career? If you are, I have a suggestion, laugh more and encourage it at your work place. Yep, laughter to the rescue!!  You may think it’s incompatible with business but it’s not. I love and enjoy laughing. In fact a favorite pastime of mine […]

The Best Motivation To Succeed

Who motivates you to succeed in life? For some people, it’s their enemies. I saw this sticker on a bus in Lagos, “may my enemies live long to see what I will become in future” and it got me thinking about reasons why  a lot of people want to succeed. Does  the reason for success […]

Monday Motivation

Running a business can be very challenging. At certain periods, you’may feel tired and want to give up. In those times you need to motive and push yourself to keep moving. With that in mind , i compiled a few quotes that i hope will motivate you. Have a great week A man’s success in […]

Don’t Wait For The Perfect Time

Perfection is overrated. Most times people use the phrase “i’m waiting for the perfect time” as an excuse to procrastinate. You are waiting for the perfect conditions, perfect time or perfect product/service before starting anything new but that may never come.The Bible says that he who examines the winds will not sow and he who […]

Leveraging Your Strengths

Early in life, i learnt to tackle situations using my strengths and not just copy what everyone was doing. In secondary school and the university, when everyone would read all night, I chose not to, because it wouldn’t have been effective for me. Copying others would have just resulted in me being groggy and irritable […]