12 Things To Remember When You Feel Overwhelmed

We all go through periods when we feel overwhelmed and no one is exempted from these seasons. I recently went through one of such periods with work, school and a host of other things, and thinking about the following helped me,which I would like to share with you. So for those days when you feel […]

Goals without routines are wishes. Routines without set goals are aimless.

Hello. Here’s a quote to motivate and inspire you this week. Goals without routines are wishes. Routines without set goals are aimless. Discipline is about having the routines that produce your goals – Pastor Poju Oyemade Have a productive week.

6 Habits To Change In The Coming Months

The first six months of the year have gone by. We have now entered into the second half of the year. We have huge expectations for the remaining months – it’s going to be filled with blessings; you will accomplish more etc. Having this optimism and positive expectation is good, in fact it is something […]

Never Loose Focus- 9 Helpful Tips to Stay On Track

Focus is very important in life. It is instrumental in accomplishing our goals or simply getting things done. Game of Thrones, currently one of my favorite television series holds a lesson about focus. An episode in season four titled The Mountain and the Viper shows the cost of losing focus. It centers on a fight between […]

What Defines You?

A lot of people define themselves solely by their career. When they introduce themselves, they use their occupation. Why? Why do we define ourselves by our careers? Let’s face it’s just one aspect of life. What happens when you lose your job? You suddenly become nobody. It’s dangerous to define yourself solely on one aspect […]

Letting Go and Embracing New Possibilities

There is a saying that it not what happens to you that’s important but how you respond to it. Change is guaranteed for everyone whether you want it or not, realize it or not. Change can happen either in your environment or in you. I am not the same person I was a year ago. […]

Every Situation is an Opportunity to Learn

There’s something to be learned in every situation. You just have to ask questions and be observant. From the moment you wake up, there is something you can learn as you move about, work and interact with people. Be observant, you never know what will be useful. Then take it a step further, learn and […]

A Habit You Should Stop Today for A Happier Life

Look back at the past 11 months. Think about all those times you were worried, anxious or afraid. You will realize that most of those fears never came to fruition.  All those periods spent worrying and complaining needlessly could have been spent positively by being grateful and optimistic about life. Worrying is a fruitless activity […]

Is This Excuse Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Dreams?

Children, especially toddlers, are insanely curious. When they enter a place they go off exploring every inch of it. They are unafraid to walk into rooms and open doors even in unfamiliar houses. They also ask lots of questions and watch you closely then mimic what you do. We were all like this once, but […]

Maximizing Your Potential – Lessons From Dr Myles Munroe

“I exist to transform followers into leaders.”  That was the vision of Dr Myles Munroe, a Pastor, Teacher, Speaker, Author and Leadership consultant, and he pursued that until his death some hours ago in a plane crash. I was in shock when I heard the news, really wanted it to be just a rumor. He […]

Keeping Life’s Beautiful Memories

 I love pictures because they capture moments, recording and preserving them not only for the person who took them but for others too. Pictures are a way for me to carry memories and feelings about different experiences and events in my life or that of others. Whether they are pictures of recent events, accomplishments, difficult […]

Winning In Defeat

I am not necessarily a fan of football except when Nigeria is playing, but i love the passion people display because of the sport most especially the excitement in the air during the World Cup. The World Cup is an ample source of inspiration with underrated teams causing major upsets and favorite teams going home. […]

Live Life Like A Child

  Ever observed a little child learning to work, run or just playing? It’s amazing the number of times they stumble or fall. You would expect them to cry and give up but kids don’t, instead they get up and keep walking or running. I realised that in life, work or business, we should allow […]


                The world has lost a phenomenal woman. Maya Angelou, renowned Poet and Author died yesterday at 86 years. She was awarded thirty honorary degrees, a testament to her achievements as a poet, author, actress and civil rights activist but life wasn’t all smooth for her. She had […]


  Gratitude is a habit everyone should cultivate. We should be grateful for who we are, what we have and whatever we are facing. It’s easy to complain when we face obstacles or see chaos all around us. But it is very important to count our blessings in the midst of challenges. Why?  Here are […]


Shortcuts. The lure of a quick and easy way to reach your goal is irresistible to a lot of us. It’s easy to get hooked on shortcuts, after all it helps you reach your goals faster which is great. But i have realized that in most cases taking a shortcut is not quicker, makes you […]

Strategies For Dealing With Co-Workers You Don’t Like

We all have those colleagues we don’t like, who just irritate us. I mean must we like everyone we work with? Sure work would be a whole lot easier if we liked everyone or would it? It wouldn’t because in life and work specifically, we need people who will not be afraid to oppose or […]


I went shopping for shoes over the weekend. Aside from the shoving and pushing, it was generally a pleasant experience. I was sorely tempted to spend all my money and then some before even buying what brought me to the market in the first place: Shoes! I love shoes though finding beautiful ones in my […]


A few weeks back, I decided to exercise daily in order to stay fit. The first day of exercise was good. I was like “ hmm this is not too bad, why do people complain about exercising?” but by the second day I started experiencing muscle cramps. I wanted to cut back on my routine […]