7 Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

A lot of people assume that marketing is only about promotion (communicating the product/service to the user) but it’s much more than that. I love this definition of marketing by Mark Burgess, marketing is “the process by which a firm profitably translates customers’ needs into revenue.” This process (traditionally) includes the product, pricing, distribution and […]

7 Tips To Getting More Customer Referrals

Do you want more referrals? Here are 5 tips to get people (mostly your customers) to recommend your product or service to others; Have a product/service that meets the specific needs of your target market (ie the people who you want to do business with you) Give your customers something to talk about with their […]

Social Proof: An Effective Way To Persuade Potential Customers To Buy

Have you ever bought something because a lot of people said it was a good product? Or tried out a restaurant because you saw a lot of people inside? Or watched a movie because it had above 70% approval rating on rotten tomatoes? If you have done any of the above, then you made use […]

7 Important Tips for Marketing to Mothers

Hello. Hope you had a restful weekend and showered your mum with love. Yes oh! Mums are important; they provide the rightly needed balance to the family unit and in situations where the Fathers are absent, fill in for them. As an adult I appreciate more and more my Mum and everything thing she did […]

How to Get More of Your Customers to Buy Now

One of the reasons why people don’t buy products is procrastination. People may like and want to buy your product or patronize your service, but will put off buying it because they feel their need for it is not immediate or important. Unfortunately, they forget and never get back to buying what they wanted in […]

7 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Your Products

Do you know why people are not buying your products/services? As a business owner or a sales person or marketer, it’s very important because you can use the knowledge to correct the problem and better position your product/service. Do you want to increase your sales? Find out why customers are resisting your products or services […]

Why It’s Important For All Your Employees To Have Marketing Training

Training of employees is essential to every company especially marketing and customer service training. It adds value to both the employee and the company. This aspect of training is usually ignored by a lot of companies but if you own a business, it is important to give all your employees marketing and customer service training. […]

See Your Business Through The Eyes of Your Customers

I was recently told a story about an entrepreneur Michal Bohanes, who started an ingredients delivery service. He offered a service where you select a recipe on his website. He then delivers everything you need to cook that recipe at your home, with all the items pre–measured with printed instructions. Sadly it folded up because […]

10 Simple Ways Your Business Can Stand Out From Your Competition

Every human being is unique. Even identical twins are different from each other. You have characteristics peculiar only to you. These characteristics differentiate you from other people. In the same way every business should have something that sets them apart from other businesses. That characteristic is your unique selling proposition (USP for short).  Having a […]

Understand Your Customers And Become A First Rate Company

  The customer is king and having a good relationship with him/her is important to the survival of your business. More so in this digital age where their every grievance can be magnified and spread to other potential customers. Bad experiences comes from you not  relating well with your customers and can cause them to […]

How to Discover Your Ideal Customer

  A mistake a lot of people and businesses make is assuming everyone is their target market. Targeting everyone is targeting no one. You can’t please or serve everyone so you have to identify and serve a particular consumer group. Even if your business appeals to a diverse group of people, you need to identify […]

7 Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

One of the reasons for failure in business is not being able to sell your product/service and this is caused by a poor understanding of marketing. A lot of people assume that marketing is only about promotion (communicating the product/service to the user) but it’s much more than that. I love this definition of marketing […]