Are You Doing The Best With What You Have?

Are You Doing The Best With What You Have? Or are you waiting until you have more money, the right connections, the right job or move to a seemingly better country before you take a step towards your dreams and goals? I used to be that person, until I decided to stop and make good […]

Know Your Strengths And Embrace Them

What do you bring to the table? To put it another way, what are your strengths that sets you apart from other people? Can you list them? It is very important to know and understand your strengths. This is because you perform better, when you use your strengths to solve challenges or approach issues. More […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Perfect Conditions

What have you been stalling? You have the idea. You have talked about it. You are constantly consuming information on it yet you haven’t started. Why? Are you are waiting for the perfect opportunity, perfect conditions for your idea or someone to help you? Are you afraid you don’t have what it takes- the looks, […]

Get More Done With This Tip

“The Right time is now” 2 Corinthians 6 :2 Have you been putting off solving an issue, starting/completing a task or making a decision? If you have been procrastinating, decide now to do it whether you feel like it or not. Procrastination is a very destructive habit. The key to breaking it is to recognize […]

Learn, Practice, Grow!

In this digital age, there’s so much information available to us at our fingertips. Most people are very knowledgeable about a lot of things and issues – business, money, leadership and relationships. The question now is, are they making good use of the information to improve their lives? Are you making good use of what […]

Loving The Job You’ve Got

This is the season of love. There’s a lot of talk about showing love to the special people in our lives and even to strangers. You will read things like “how to fall in love with your other half all over again”, “tips for building loving relationships” among others but one area that will rarely […]

Who Is More Productive? Pessimists or Optimists

Check this out, according to this research from New York University’s Gabriele Oettingen, pessimists might actually be more productive than their colleagues. Oettingen, who spent 20 years researching and testing her theory, discovered that optimism and positive fantasies didn’t help people reach their goals but instead got in the way because they tend to daydream about the benefits […]

Get Fired Up or Get Fired

Welcome to a new month. Today is the first day of February. Are you excited about the new month? I hope you are enthusiastic about it. Being enthusiastic about life makes you more confident and productive. It also makes you more attractive professionally and personally therefore opening you up to opportunities. Think about it. Few […]

Mid-Week Inspiration

Be so good at what you do that we can’t take our eyes off of you – Robin Sharma

Leveraging Your Strengths

Early in life, i learnt to tackle situations using my strengths and not just copy what everyone was doing. In secondary school and the university, when everyone would read all night, I chose not to, because it wouldn’t have been effective for me. Copying others would have just resulted in me being groggy and irritable […]

6 Habits To Change In The Coming Months

The first six months of the year have gone by. We have now entered into the second half of the year. We have huge expectations for the remaining months – it’s going to be filled with blessings; you will accomplish more etc. Having this optimism and positive expectation is good, in fact it is something […]

Never Loose Focus- 9 Helpful Tips to Stay On Track

Focus is very important in life. It is instrumental in accomplishing our goals or simply getting things done. Game of Thrones, currently one of my favorite television series holds a lesson about focus. An episode in season four titled The Mountain and the Viper shows the cost of losing focus. It centers on a fight between […]

The One Thing Most Successful People Do

What do Oprah, Dangote, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs have in common? I’m sure you guessed correctly. Yep they are all successful and they got that way pursuing their dreams. We all have dreams, goals we want to achieve. You may be afraid of telling anyone. you don’t want to take steps to pursue it. Why? […]

Get Ahead In Life! Leave Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone might be a nice place, but nothing great or worthwhile comes out of staying in that place. Doing only easy or comfortable things won’t help you in the long run. So why do people refuse to take risks? Some reasons include; Fear and doubt. Don’t allow fear to paralyze your progress in life […]

2 Choices You Will Not Regret in 10 Years

I have often wondered why people dislike working for other people. Seeing sayings like “you need to find your own dream or goal or else you will build that of others” make me ask, is helping others fulfill their dreams a bad thing? I ask this because, whether you like it or not, or are […]

Letting Go and Embracing New Possibilities

There is a saying that it not what happens to you that’s important but how you respond to it. Change is guaranteed for everyone whether you want it or not, realize it or not. Change can happen either in your environment or in you. I am not the same person I was a year ago. […]

Transform Your Life With Your Words

  If an audit were to be conducted on your words for the past two months, what will the result be? Will it be positive or negative? What do you spend most of your time talking about? Is it your problems, the seemingly negative things happening in your life or the country, the problems of […]

14 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting Any Goal

At the beginning of the year, you made plans and set goals for yourself expecting things to automatically change for you. Excited, you started working towards achieving the goals but alas by February, they have been tossed aside, abandoned and you are back at the point where you were at the beginning of the year […]

How To Develop Passion for Your Job

This is the season of love. There’s a lot of talk about showing love to the special people in our lives and even to strangers. You will read things like “how to fall in love with your other half all over again”, “tips for building loving relationships” among others but one area that will rarely […]

Learning to Resolve Conflict With Little or No Casualties

Many people avoid confrontation because they are afraid of conflict. Instead of addressing issues that are disturbing or affecting them at work, home, or elsewhere, they try to be “nice”. Niceness usually glosses over the issue at hand and results in feelings of frustration, anger and depression. Most times when we try to be nice, […]