A Habit You Should Stop Today for A Happier Life

Look back at the past 11 months. Think about all those times you were worried, anxious or afraid. You will realize that most of those fears never came to fruition.  All those periods spent worrying and complaining needlessly could have been spent positively by being grateful and optimistic about life. Worrying is a fruitless activity […]

The One Thing Highly Focused People Don’t Do

If you know what Kim Kardashian or Genevieve has been wearing for one week in a row yet you haven’t done a thing in the past week to improve your life and bring yourself closer to your dreams; If you know everything about Obama’s immigration policy yet you haven’t read one book or taken one […]

Is This Excuse Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Dreams?

Children, especially toddlers, are insanely curious. When they enter a place they go off exploring every inch of it. They are unafraid to walk into rooms and open doors even in unfamiliar houses. They also ask lots of questions and watch you closely then mimic what you do. We were all like this once, but […]

The One Thing You Must Do Before Starting Anything New

To achieve anything in life you have to go through a process. The first stage in the process is having a plan. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be? How can you achieve it and what does success mean to you? You have to answer those questions before you start […]

How to Be More Productive and Avoid the ‘Busy’ Trap

Harsh as it may sound, there is no reward for just being busy. Your busyness has to be producing something. Productivity is what’s rewarded not just activities.  Yes doing a lot of activities can give you a rush or thrill. At the end of the day, you feel good or important with yourself saying “men I […]

Avoid Distractions And Be More Productive

We are in the age of distractions. It’s all around us. If it’s not noisy colleagues, neighbors or housemates, it’s social media with the pings, alerts and emails. Distractions take you away from your goals and the more important things you should be doing. It is dangerous because you are not even aware of what’s being […]

Keeping Life’s Beautiful Memories

 I love pictures because they capture moments, recording and preserving them not only for the person who took them but for others too. Pictures are a way for me to carry memories and feelings about different experiences and events in my life or that of others. Whether they are pictures of recent events, accomplishments, difficult […]

Sharpen Your Observation Skills

IN this fast paced society where everyone is in a hurry, observation is a sorely lacking skill. We have become self absorbed, oblivious to anything until it hits us on the head. Recent events(bombings) in Nigeria has caused us to sit up and be more observant and security conscious but what about other areas of […]

How To Get Fired Up And Stay Motivated

I love this quote by Zig Ziglar “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that’t why we recommend it daily.” When we start out achieving our goals, we are excited, passionate, on fire, ready for anything but midway through we become tired, discouraged or complacent. Remember how you felt when you […]

What Are You Selling?

  Everyone is selling something. They just haven’t realized it yet. If you think you have to be in the sales or marketing department before seeing yourself as a salesman, you’re wrong. Whenever you want someone to do something for you, you’re selling. Some examples a job interview, you trying to get someone’s attention or […]

Evaluating Your Friendships – 9 Steps

    It’s important to cultivate great friendships. They shape who you are and act as a great support system especially when you are down. To cultivate great friendships, you have to know the kind of friends you have in your life at the moment. So how can you analyze your friendships? I was thinking […]

Failure – A Seed For Success

            Ever heard the expression “fall flat on your face”? It means to fail or make a mistake in an embarrassing way, something we have all experienced. We’ve faced challenges or obstacles and failed to overcome. It’s an experience that’s seen as negative, to be feared and avoided but it […]

Do You Display Any Of These 7 Signs of Procrastination?

I have been delaying writing for some hours. It was a Saturday and i was at home for most of the day doing various things except the task at hand. Mundane stuff that was neither urgent or important. Then it occured to me that i was just procrastinating and being mentally lazy. Procrastination is not […]


                The world has lost a phenomenal woman. Maya Angelou, renowned Poet and Author died yesterday at 86 years. She was awarded thirty honorary degrees, a testament to her achievements as a poet, author, actress and civil rights activist but life wasn’t all smooth for her. She had […]


  Gratitude is a habit everyone should cultivate. We should be grateful for who we are, what we have and whatever we are facing. It’s easy to complain when we face obstacles or see chaos all around us. But it is very important to count our blessings in the midst of challenges. Why?  Here are […]


I’v always had an interest in psychology and it’s partly due to the fact that my Mom is a guidance counsellor. I remember going through her psychology books as a child and being fascinated by them. Psychology helps us understand human behaviour which is very important if you’re in sales or marketing and as far […]

Strategies For Dealing With Co-Workers You Don’t Like

We all have those colleagues we don’t like, who just irritate us. I mean must we like everyone we work with? Sure work would be a whole lot easier if we liked everyone or would it? It wouldn’t because in life and work specifically, we need people who will not be afraid to oppose or […]


There’s no worse misuse of time than unnecessary meetings. Yes, those meetings that have no clear purpose, meetings that are just to pass information, standing meetings, lunch break meetings and the let’s catch up or let’s see meetings. Meetings which accomplish nothing and could have been handled on the phone, through an email or countless […]