Welcome To August

Forget about yesterday. Be present and make the best use of each day this month. Happy New Month

Welcome To The Month Of June

May this month be filled with joy. May you accomplish all your goals for the first half of this year. Happy New Month.  

Guard Your Happiness

Don’t let anything rob you of your enthusiasm. Don’t let traffic, the state of the economy, problems, criticism and opposition steal your joy, and enthusiasm for life and work. #QuotesOfVelvet

Don’t Worry About It

Worrying never fixes anything. It is a fruitless activity. All it does is drain your energy, affecting both your physical and mental health. Think about all those times you were worried, anxious or afraid. You will realize that most of those fears never came to fruition. Although you can’t do anything about your actions in the […]

Mid-Week Inspiration

There are different aspects to life and it is these different parts that make you. Don’t define yourself or define success in life on only one aspect of your life. Don’t define success on whether that aspect of your life is thriving or not, on whether you have money or your lack of it or […]

Be Observant, Pay Attention

Ideas, solutions and opportunities are all around you. So while you go about your daily business, pay attention because that is the only way you will see/hear it. You never know, that idea can be life changing. Have a great day.

Learning To Pay Attention In Life

Observation is a necessary and valuable skill. It gives you the ability to notice subtle cues in conversation, behavior or environment, and act accordingly. You can quickly size up a situation and act accurately. Also in observing, you learn from the mistakes and successes of others and yourself thus growing in wisdom. Wisdom is every […]

9 Tips On Using Urgency To Increase Christmas Sales

Creating a sense of urgency is a good way of increasing sales. It helps in persuading customers to buy now and not procrastinate. People may like and want to buy your product or patronize your service, but will put off buying it because they feel their need for it is not immediate or important. Unfortunately, […]

How To Use Conflicts To Improve Your Relationships

Conflicts can lead to increased understanding and better relationships depending on how you handle them. Learn to see conflicts as a way of smoothing out the rough edges in your relationships. You can’t advance, succeed or grow in life or in any relationship without confronting others at some point. As long as you interact with […]

Avoid This Common Productivity Trap

I love this quote by Peter Drucker – There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Being unnecessarily busy is a trap. It makes you feel important, alive or useful but in the long run, those feelings won’t bring you fulfillment. So you will keep adding more […]

One Thing Successful People Refuse To Waste Time Doing

If you know everything that’s happening in your neighborhood, office or country and spend hours poring over magazines, watching TV, wanting to know the “latest news” or discussing the latest trending topics, yet all the while neglecting your own life. You are doing what I call “focusing on everyone’s life but your own.” There is […]

Focus On Your Words And Transform Your Life

What do you spend most of your time talking about? Is it your problems, the seemingly negative things happening in your life or the country, the problems of others or the bad/negative things people do? Or do you focus and talk about the good things. Always talking about your problems and focusing on the negative […]

Using Your Strengths to Achieve Success

Do you know that you perform better, when you  use use your strengths to solve challenges or approach issues, rather than just copying other people’s strengths, ideas or approach? When you make the best use of your strengths, you achieve your goals easier and faster. It develops your self esteem and helps in keeping you […]

Making Room for Change

Change is guaranteed for everyone whether you want it or not, realize it or not. Resisting it doesn’t stop it from affecting you. Learn to embrace change, uncertainty and be optimistic about it. Don’t hold on to people, jobs, situations, systems, ideas that are no longer suitable for where you are right now or where you are […]

Danger of the Shortcut Mentality

Our society praises over night successes, get rich quick schemes and careers that seemingly have less difficulty. It looks down on anything that requires diligence and patience. We don’t want to sign up for anything that looks complicated and takes time. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not against taking risks or change. If […]

Why Competition is Good for Your Business

In business just like any other endeavor, understanding the competition helps you position your business in order to better serve your customers. It enables you make your products/services better, set competitive prices and make your marketing stand out. It’s important to note that every business faces competition. Even if you are the only one offering […]

How To Be Certain There’s A Need For Your Product

Today’s Quote of Velvet As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get so attached to your product/service that you assume that there is a need for your product/service when there isn’t, or a large number of people need it when in reality they are not enough to sustain a business. So it’s necessary to research before starting […]

How Gratitude Can Help You Through Difficult Times

Today’s Quote of Velvet It’s easy to complain when we face obstacles or see chaos all around us, but here are 3 reasons why you should be grateful in the midst of challenges. Being grateful in an alarming situation reduces panic and puts situations into perspective. Gratitude helps you see the treasures hidden in whatever […]

Knowing Your Customers and How They See You

Today’s Quote of Velvet  It’s important to find out how customers see you and your product/service. This is because the way you see your product/ service may be different from that of your customers and their perception of your business is very important. If their perception is negative or customers feel they are not getting […]

Attract Customers Without Lowering Prices

Today’s Quote of Velvet Reducing the price of your product/ service is usually not the best way to get customers. Yes you will attract  customers but they may not be loyal to your business. This is because price reduction usually does not create loyal customers. Once there is a cheaper alternative, they will leave you […]