The Biggest Reason Why Businesses Don’t Thrive

Today’s Quote Of Velvet Do you know why people are not buying your products/services? It may be that your product/service is not meeting their needs. It is not providing solutions to their problems or your target market feels/think that what you are solving is not that big of a problem to them. If your product […]

Remembering the Good

Today’s Quote of Velvet Our experiences both good and bad are stored in our brains like pictures in an album. You can choose the pictures you want to bring out and look at. We usually remember what’s missing, the bad experiences, the failures, rejection, lack etc but you need to regularly remember the blessings, victories […]

Don’t Wait, Pursue Your Dreams

Today’s Quote of Velvet Don’t wait until you have a connection or there are guaranteed results before doing things or taking risks. You may feel uncertain and yes you risk rejection, criticism and would have to start over if you fail. Don’t focus on that, instead look at what you stand to gain. A lot […]

Change for the Better

Today’s Quote of Velvet Resisting change doesn’t stop it from affecting you. Change is guaranteed for everyone whether you want it or not, realize it or not. So don’t be offended by people or circumstances that bring the change. Don’t try to go back to who you once where or how things once where but embrace […]

You Are Important

Act as if what you do makes a difference because it does – William James Always remember that this week. You are important. Good morning and have an amazing week.

Finding The Courage to Pursue Your Dreams

Today’s Quote of Velvet Don’t be afraid to reach out for what you want. Pursue your heart desires as long as they are not illegal or wrong. Don’t disqualify yourself because of your past, present circumstance, lack of the right qualifications or connections. In the words of Walt Disney- “All your dreams can come true […]

An Original Is Always Worth More Than A Copy

Today’s Quote of Velvet Don’t try to copy other people.  In your life, learn to respect and follow your own ideas/instincts.Be original and forge a path for yourself. Don’t let other people think and decide for you.

Staying Humble

Today’s Quote of Velvet- Do you think you know everything? No matter how much you know, there’s still a lot you don’t know. Also having a know it all attitude comes with certain risks; You make more mistakes than you ordinarily would People who likely know more stay away from you because your attitude pushes […]

Dealing with Worry and Anxiety

Today’s Quote of Velvet Worrying is a fruitless activity that drains your energy and saps your joy. When you start to worry, stop and ask yourself, is worrying helping my situation? Is it changing my situation? What is the worst that could happen? What would i do if that “worst” happens? Asking yourself these questions […]

Focusing On What Matters

Today’s Quote of Velvet We all have different paths in life. Run your own race and forget about others. Don’t use other people’s accomplishments to measure yours. Concentrate on what you have and not what you think you don’t have. If you are faithful in what you have more will be given to you.

Pursue Your Goals

Today’s Quote of Velvet- Stop waiting for someone to help you. Start pursuing opportunities that will take you closer to your goals. Pursue your goals. It may take a while so you have to be patient.

Talent Is Not Everything

Today’s Quote of Velvet – Just because you have a talent or an aptitude for something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t first take the time to know and learn the basics of your craft. Talent alone doesn’t bring success; you also need mastery and the discipline that comes with it.

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