The One Thing Highly Focused People Don’t Do

If you know what Kim Kardashian or Genevieve has been wearing for one week in a row yet you haven’t done a thing in the past week to improve your life and bring yourself closer to your dreams; If you know everything about Obama’s immigration policy yet you haven’t read one book or taken one […]

How to Be More Productive and Avoid the ‘Busy’ Trap

Harsh as it may sound, there is no reward for just being busy. Your busyness has to be producing something. Productivity is what’s rewarded not just activities.  Yes doing a lot of activities can give you a rush or thrill. At the end of the day, you feel good or important with yourself saying “men I […]


There’s no worse misuse of time than unnecessary meetings. Yes, those meetings that have no clear purpose, meetings that are just to pass information, standing meetings, lunch break meetings and the let’s catch up or let’s see meetings. Meetings which accomplish nothing and could have been handled on the phone, through an email or countless […]