Focusing On What Matters

Today’s Quote of Velvet We all have different paths in life. Run your own race and forget about others. Don’t use other people’s accomplishments to measure yours. Concentrate on what you have and not what you think you don’t have. If you are faithful in what you have more will be given to you.

The One Thing Most Successful People Do

What do Oprah, Dangote, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs have in common? I’m sure you guessed correctly. Yep they are all successful and they got that way pursuing their dreams. We all have dreams, goals we want to achieve. You may be afraid of telling anyone. you don’t want to take steps to pursue it. Why? […]

Get Ahead In Life! Leave Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone might be a nice place, but nothing great or worthwhile comes out of staying in that place. Doing only easy or comfortable things won’t help you in the long run. So why do people refuse to take risks? Some reasons include; Fear and doubt. Don’t allow fear to paralyze your progress in life […]

What Defines You?

A lot of people define themselves solely by their career. When they introduce themselves, they use their occupation. Why? Why do we define ourselves by our careers? Let’s face it’s just one aspect of life. What happens when you lose your job? You suddenly become nobody. It’s dangerous to define yourself solely on one aspect […]

How To Develop Passion for Your Job

This is the season of love. There’s a lot of talk about showing love to the special people in our lives and even to strangers. You will read things like “how to fall in love with your other half all over again”, “tips for building loving relationships” among others but one area that will rarely […]


  Gratitude is a habit everyone should cultivate. We should be grateful for who we are, what we have and whatever we are facing. It’s easy to complain when we face obstacles or see chaos all around us. But it is very important to count our blessings in the midst of challenges. Why?  Here are […]