The One Thing That Can Make or Break Your Business

Have you ever felt the urge to do something nice for someone who helped you? You take note of the gesture and then look for ways to return the favor. Have you liked a stranger’s facebook post or instagram picture because they liked yours? I have and I’m sure you have because it’s human nature. […]

Customer Trust – The Key To A Successful Business

Trust, the one thing every relationship needs to develop and thrive. This is especially important in business relationships. To quote Bruce Rauner, “Business is about people”  and trust is necessary for the survival and success of your business. It should be the foundation in your relationship with your customers. Trust is the reliance on the […]

7 Ways to Know Your Customers Future Needs

The thrill of making a sale or getting a new customer is something that is better experienced than described but after getting customers, you have to find ways of keeping them. This is very important and goes a long way in determining the future success or even survival of your business. One major way of […]

12 Reasons Laughter Is Good for Your Business or Career

Are you looking for a way to grow your business or career? If you are, I have a suggestion, laugh more and encourage it at your work place. Yep, laughter to the rescue!!  You may think it’s incompatible with business but it’s not. I love and enjoy laughing. In fact a favorite pastime of mine […]

How To Be Certain There’s A Need For Your Product

Today’s Quote of Velvet As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get so attached to your product/service that you assume that there is a need for your product/service when there isn’t, or a large number of people need it when in reality they are not enough to sustain a business. So it’s necessary to research before starting […]

Knowing Your Customers and How They See You

Today’s Quote of Velvet  It’s important to find out how customers see you and your product/service. This is because the way you see your product/ service may be different from that of your customers and their perception of your business is very important. If their perception is negative or customers feel they are not getting […]

The Biggest Reason Why Businesses Don’t Thrive

Today’s Quote Of Velvet Do you know why people are not buying your products/services? It may be that your product/service is not meeting their needs. It is not providing solutions to their problems or your target market feels/think that what you are solving is not that big of a problem to them. If your product […]

How To Improve Your Business By Observing Your Customers

The ability to keenly observe is an important skill which everyone should cultivate especially leaders, entrepreneurs, managers. It helps you see the things which other people may not be seeing which you can use to your advantage. Observation can transform your business or company. It is not just looking because it involves the other senses […]