How To Attract More Customers Without Lowering Your Price

Are you thinking of reducing your price in order to attract more customers?  Before you do that, hold on because it can do you more harm than good. Lowering your price can destroy the perceived value of your product/service. You may also attract people who are not loyal to your business. You may attract people […]

Discover How The Law Of Reciprocity Can Increase Your Sales

Have you ever felt the urge to do something nice for someone who helped you? You take note of the gesture and then look for ways to return the favor. Have you liked a stranger’s Facebook post or Instagram picture because they liked yours? I have and I’m sure you have because it’s human nature. […]

One Key Element To Make Your Business A Success

Legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert once asked a crowd in one of his seminars what they thought they would need in order to create a successful hot dogs stand. The audience shouted out various answers: “Great Location”” “Good quality hot dogs” “Tomato ketchup” “You need to do a leaflet drop in the area” “Friendly staff” “An […]

Attract More Customers To Your Business With Social Proof

Have you ever bought something because a lot of people said it was a good product? Or tried out a restaurant because you saw a lot of people inside? Or watched a movie because it had above 70% approval rating on rotten tomatoes? If you have done any of the above, then you made use […]

Psychological Triggers That Can Get You More Customers (Part B)

Psychology helps us understand human behaviour which is very important if you’re in sales or marketing and as far as i’m concerned everyone is in sales. Whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner trying to generate business, an employee selling your skills to an employer or a trader. No matter what you do, we […]

Market Your Company Through Your Employees

In most companies, marketing is handled by a department or an individual. This shouldn’t be so. Marketing shouldn’t just be relegated to a department or an individual. All your employees need to understand that marketing is also part of their job no matter what they do, and especially if they regularly come into contact with […]

7 Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

A lot of people assume that marketing is only about promotion (communicating the product/service to the user) but it’s much more than that. I love this definition of marketing by Mark Burgess, marketing is “the process by which a firm profitably translates customers’ needs into revenue.” This process (traditionally) includes the product, pricing, distribution and […]

7 Tips To Getting More Customer Referrals

Do you want more referrals? Here are 5 tips to get people (mostly your customers) to recommend your product or service to others; Have a product/service that meets the specific needs of your target market (ie the people who you want to do business with you) Give your customers something to talk about with their […]

9 Tips On Using Urgency To Increase Christmas Sales

Creating a sense of urgency is a good way of increasing sales. It helps in persuading customers to buy now and not procrastinate. People may like and want to buy your product or patronize your service, but will put off buying it because they feel their need for it is not immediate or important. Unfortunately, […]

Why Competition is Good for Your Business

In business just like any other endeavor, understanding the competition helps you position your business in order to better serve your customers. It enables you make your products/services better, set competitive prices and make your marketing stand out. It’s important to note that every business faces competition. Even if you are the only one offering […]

How To Be Certain There’s A Need For Your Product

Today’s Quote of Velvet As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get so attached to your product/service that you assume that there is a need for your product/service when there isn’t, or a large number of people need it when in reality they are not enough to sustain a business. So it’s necessary to research before starting […]

Knowing Your Customers and How They See You

Today’s Quote of Velvet  It’s important to find out how customers see you and your product/service. This is because the way you see your product/ service may be different from that of your customers and their perception of your business is very important. If their perception is negative or customers feel they are not getting […]

Attract Customers Without Lowering Prices

Today’s Quote of Velvet Reducing the price of your product/ service is usually not the best way to get customers. Yes you will attract  customers but they may not be loyal to your business. This is because price reduction usually does not create loyal customers. Once there is a cheaper alternative, they will leave you […]

The Biggest Reason Why Businesses Don’t Thrive

Today’s Quote Of Velvet Do you know why people are not buying your products/services? It may be that your product/service is not meeting their needs. It is not providing solutions to their problems or your target market feels/think that what you are solving is not that big of a problem to them. If your product […]

7 Important Tips for Marketing to Mothers

Hello. Hope you had a restful weekend and showered your mum with love. Yes oh! Mums are important; they provide the rightly needed balance to the family unit and in situations where the Fathers are absent, fill in for them. As an adult I appreciate more and more my Mum and everything thing she did […]

7 Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

One of the reasons for failure in business is not being able to sell your product/service and this is caused by a poor understanding of marketing. A lot of people assume that marketing is only about promotion (communicating the product/service to the user) but it’s much more than that. I love this definition of marketing […]


I’v always had an interest in psychology and it’s partly due to the fact that my Mom is a guidance counsellor. I remember going through her psychology books as a child and being fascinated by them. Psychology helps us understand human behaviour which is very important if you’re in sales or marketing and as far […]


  Ever experienced this? You miss your way and then stop to ask but most people hurry along not evening looking at you because of a lack of trust. After a little hesitation, someone gives you directions and quickly moves on. Trust is valuable and rare. Every society and interpersonal relationship needs trust to develop […]