Get More Customers The Smart Way

Your customers are assets and it is important to establish good relationships with them. You may be aware of the saying- “it is easier and cheaper to keep existing customers than to get new ones” This is so true and more so because you can use your existing customers to get new ones. This is […]

15 Quotes on Customer Care from Top Execs and CEOs

Customers are the core of your business. They make it possible to achieve your business goals; in fact without them you wouldn’t have a company. Their satisfaction should be your focus especially in this holiday season where providing great service is even more critical than usual. So to inspire you to put the satisfaction of […]

Understand Your Customers And Become A First Rate Company

  The customer is king and having a good relationship with him/her is important to the survival of your business. More so in this digital age where their every grievance can be magnified and spread to other potential customers. Bad experiences comes from you not  relating well with your customers and can cause them to […]

10 Ways Most Businesses Lose Customers

What do you think is your business’s most important asset? It’s neither funds, skillful employees nor a great location. The answer, customers. Yes customers, those annoying, incorrigible, impatient people who always want to have their way even at the risk of your profit. Though they might at times be infuriating, without customers, you have no […]


  Ever experienced this? You miss your way and then stop to ask but most people hurry along not evening looking at you because of a lack of trust. After a little hesitation, someone gives you directions and quickly moves on. Trust is valuable and rare. Every society and interpersonal relationship needs trust to develop […]