Why It’s Important For All Your Employees To Have Marketing Training

Training of employees is essential to every company especially marketing and customer service training. It adds value to both the employee and the company. This aspect of training is usually ignored by a lot of companies but if you own a business, it is important to give all your employees marketing and customer service training. […]

Understand Your Customers And Become A First Rate Company

  The customer is king and having a good relationship with him/her is important to the survival of your business. More so in this digital age where their every grievance can be magnified and spread to other potential customers. Bad experiences comes from you not ┬árelating well with your customers and can cause them to […]


  Ever experienced this? You miss your way and then stop to ask but most people hurry along not evening looking at you because of a lack of trust. After a little hesitation, someone gives you directions and quickly moves on. Trust is valuable and rare. Every society and interpersonal relationship needs trust to develop […]