3 Effective Principles That Can Increase Your Sales

If you’re trying increase your customer base, the principles below reveal things about human nature that you can use to your advantage in your business, or to promote your ideas. This post is a continuation of last week’s post on ‘Psychological Triggers/Principles’ that can influence people to buy from you. In my post last week, […]

Psychological Triggers That Can Get You More Customers (Part B)

Psychology helps us understand human behaviour which is very important if you’re in sales or marketing and as far as i’m concerned everyone is in sales. Whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner trying to generate business, an employee selling your skills to an employer or a trader. No matter what you do, we […]

How To Be Certain There’s A Need For Your Product

Today’s Quote of Velvet As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get so attached to your product/service that you assume that there is a need for your product/service when there isn’t, or a large number of people need it when in reality they are not enough to sustain a business. So it’s necessary to research before starting […]