Affirmation For The Week

It’s a new week and a great opportunity to put your desires into words. Don’t underestimate the power of your words. Have a great week.

Welcome to September

Welcome To The Month Of September You may have experienced setbacks that almost crushed you. You may be feeling confused and upset about events in your life, business or country You worry about your future. When will success come, you say? I believe you’ll make significant progress this month. Just don’t stop. Don’t taking steps […]

This Week’s Affirmation

Hello. Start every day this week with these powerful words by Cici. Remember your words are powerful, because they influence your thoughts which in turn influences your actions. Have a great week.

Be Observant, Pay Attention

Ideas, solutions and opportunities are all around you. So while you go about your daily business, pay attention because that is the only way you will see/hear it. You never know, that idea can be life changing. Have a great day.

6 Habits To Change In The Coming Months

The first six months of the year have gone by. We have now entered into the second half of the year. We have huge expectations for the remaining months – it’s going to be filled with blessings; you will accomplish more etc. Having this optimism and positive expectation is good, in fact it is something […]


I went shopping for shoes over the weekend. Aside from the shoving and pushing, it was generally a pleasant experience. I was sorely tempted to spend all my money and then some before even buying what brought me to the market in the first place: Shoes! I love shoes though finding beautiful ones in my […]