The Cost of Overworking Yourself

Sleep is important to your well-being. One major reason why a lot of people deprive themselves of sleep is because they overwork themselves. The cost of overworking yourself outweighs the benefits. It negatively affects your relationships, health, career/business and faith walk. For example, there is the tendency to skip meals or not eat at all […]

Mid-Week Inspiration

There are different aspects to life and it is these different parts that make you. Don’t define yourself or define success in life on only one aspect of your life. Don’t define success on whether that aspect of your life is thriving or not, on whether you have money or your lack of it or […]

Learning To Pay Attention In Life

Observation is a necessary and valuable skill. It gives you the ability to notice subtle cues in conversation, behavior or environment, and act accordingly. You can quickly size up a situation and act accurately. Also in observing, you learn from the mistakes and successes of others and yourself thus growing in wisdom. Wisdom is every […]

How To Use Conflicts To Improve Your Relationships

Conflicts can lead to increased understanding and better relationships depending on how you handle them. Learn to see conflicts as a way of smoothing out the rough edges in your relationships. You can’t advance, succeed or grow in life or in any relationship without confronting others at some point. As long as you interact with […]

One Thing Successful People Refuse To Waste Time Doing

If you know everything that’s happening in your neighborhood, office or country and spend hours poring over magazines, watching TV, wanting to know the “latest news” or discussing the latest trending topics, yet all the while neglecting your own life. You are doing what I call “focusing on everyone’s life but your own.” There is […]

Pursue Your Goals

Today’s Quote of Velvet- Stop waiting for someone to help you. Start pursuing opportunities that will take you closer to your goals. Pursue your goals. It may take a while so you have to be patient.

Talent Is Not Everything

Today’s Quote of Velvet – Just because you have a talent or an aptitude for something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t first take the time to know and learn the basics of your craft. Talent alone doesn’t bring success; you also need mastery and the discipline that comes with it.

6 Habits To Change In The Coming Months

The first six months of the year have gone by. We have now entered into the second half of the year. We have huge expectations for the remaining months – it’s going to be filled with blessings; you will accomplish more etc. Having this optimism and positive expectation is good, in fact it is something […]

Learning to Resolve Conflict With Little or No Casualties

Many people avoid confrontation because they are afraid of conflict. Instead of addressing issues that are disturbing or affecting them at work, home, or elsewhere, they try to be “nice”. Niceness usually glosses over the issue at hand and results in feelings of frustration, anger and depression. Most times when we try to be nice, […]

Is This Excuse Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Dreams?

Children, especially toddlers, are insanely curious. When they enter a place they go off exploring every inch of it. They are unafraid to walk into rooms and open doors even in unfamiliar houses. They also ask lots of questions and watch you closely then mimic what you do. We were all like this once, but […]

The One Thing You Must Do Before Starting Anything New

To achieve anything in life you have to go through a process. The first stage in the process is having a plan. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be? How can you achieve it and what does success mean to you? You have to answer those questions before you start […]

Sharpen Your Observation Skills

IN this fast paced society where everyone is in a hurry, observation is a sorely lacking skill. We have become self absorbed, oblivious to anything until it hits us on the head. Recent events(bombings) in Nigeria has caused us to sit up and be more observant and security conscious but what about other areas of […]

How To Get Fired Up And Stay Motivated

I love this quote by Zig Ziglar “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that’t why we recommend it daily.” When we start out achieving our goals, we are excited, passionate, on fire, ready for anything but midway through we become tired, discouraged or complacent. Remember how you felt when you […]

Do You Display Any Of These 7 Signs of Procrastination?

I have been delaying writing for some hours. It was a Saturday and i was at home for most of the day doing various things except the task at hand. Mundane stuff that was neither urgent or important. Then it occured to me that i was just procrastinating and being mentally lazy. Procrastination is not […]


  Gratitude is a habit everyone should cultivate. We should be grateful for who we are, what we have and whatever we are facing. It’s easy to complain when we face obstacles or see chaos all around us. But it is very important to count our blessings in the midst of challenges. Why?  Here are […]