Who Is More Productive? Pessimists or Optimists

Check this out, according to this research from New York University’s Gabriele Oettingen, pessimists might actually be more productive than their colleagues. Oettingen, who spent 20 years researching and testing her theory, discovered that optimism and positive fantasies didn’t help people reach their goals but instead got in the way because they tend to daydream about the benefits […]

Avoid This Common Productivity Trap

I love this quote by Peter Drucker – There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Being unnecessarily busy is a trap. It makes you feel important, alive or useful but in the long run, those feelings won’t bring you fulfillment. So you will keep adding more […]

Leveraging Your Strengths

Early in life, i learnt to tackle situations using my strengths and not just copy what everyone was doing. In secondary school and the university, when everyone would read all night, I chose not to, because it wouldn’t have been effective for me. Copying others would have just resulted in me being groggy and irritable […]